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Why Did eBay Suspend Your Account?

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So, you have been selling your products on eBay and made some decent profits. You have been trying your best to follow the rules and regulations of eBay so that you are an experienced eBay seller.


Now, let us imagine the worst case scenario; you have uploaded all your listings waiting for potential buyers to place their bids or buy it now. Then you wake up the next morning and face a rude shock; you’ve got your eBay account suspended, banned and you don’t seem to figure out why.

This happens to more eBay sellers than you can possibly imagine. So what are some of the reasons that lead to eBay suspending your account?

  1. Low Feedback Score or Negative Feedback

There are many sellers on eBay that get their accounts suspended or even completely banned due to low or negative feedback. Typically, the suspension is not automated and will require some extra push from a buyer who is not satisfied. However, if your eBay account receives a lot of negative feedback or has a low feedback score, you may want to abandon it all together and start a fresh.

  1. Illegal Goods

As an eBay user, you are responsible for ensuring that all the items you are selling on eBay are legal according to the applicable jurisdictions and that are permitted by the eBay policies. Mostly, it only takes one violation of this rule to get your account suspended. On some cases, you may only receive a warning message and a three-day suspension.

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  1. Keyword Spamming

As much as using terms that are indirectly related to your item is not necessarily wrong, it still can be taken as an offense. If you do this quite often, it may lead to receiving a warning and a three-day suspension of your account.

  1. Threats

This is another reason that can get your eBay account suspended, banned and possibly not be able to open it again. eBay policies prohibit users from making any threats or physical harm to any other user on the platform. Probably this is the best reason to get your account suspended.

  1. Profanity

Use of language that is hateful, racist, obscene or sexual in nature is prohibited. This will quickly get you a suspension on eBay.

  1. Payment Details Can Not Be Confirmed

This violation can not only make your eBay account suspended, banned but also, it can be treated as a criminal offense. This is because some sellers have some dubious activities; they can get payment in some unauthorized manner and fail to deliver the item to the buyer. Other sellers use such methods to avoid eBay fees.

  1. Soliciting Off-site Sales

If there is a favorite reason that eBay would use to get your eBay account suspended, banned and discontinued, then this would be it. You may not avoid eBay fees by using contact information acquired from eBay or any of its services to complete a sale outside eBay. They have mechanisms that search for this illegal activities and immediately suspends such users.

Bottom Line

If you don’t want your account to be suspended or suspended again, take time and go through eBay rules and regulations. It may be rather boring and tedious, but trust me, it’s worth it.



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