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What To Do After eBay Banned Your Seller Account

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I love operating an eBay business. Running the account is easy, just upload regularly new products to attract new buyers and also make sure you ship the items as fast as possible.

jkbdwRunning this business is enjoyable until you get a notification that your account has been suspended. This is the most stressful moment of an eBay merchant despite that account suspension occurs regularly. Below, I will take you through why eBay accounts get banned and the process of getting the account back.

 Why eBay accounts go on suspension

There are various reasons that may lead to the suspension of your eBay account. In this section, we provide some of these reasons and how to avoid them.

Selling restricted products: there are commodities on eBay that are on NO-sell. Such commodities include prescribed medication and drugs such as heroin, bhang, and cocaine. If the systems notice such commodities have been transacted on eBay, and they are connected to your account, your account will be suspended without negotiation.

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Poor performance: you must assure eBay that you mean business when you open an account with them. When you start lagging behind for instance not delivering products on time, your account may be banned due to poor performance. Also, if they notice that you are not selling anything, yet you claim to be selling or buying products, your eBay account will be banned.


Breaking the terms and conditions: when you join an organization that you were not a cofounder, or you did not contribute to the setting up of the organization, you must comply with the terms and conditions of the organization. By opening an account on eBay, it indicates that you have read and understood the terms and conditions. Breaking any rules either once or regularly will lead to suspension of your account.

Once the account has been suspended, you will get a notification on your account Notification section detailing the reasons behind the suspension of your account. Beassured that the reason for suspension must be one of the three I have mentioned above.

assured that the reason for suspension must be one of the three I have mentioned above.

What to do after suspension

You are the lucky one working with eBay. Despite having the busy schedule every day, they understand what a merchant working with them feels like when your eBay account has been suspended. They will listen to your grievances and here are some ways of recovering your account.

If your account was banned by selling prohibited products, it is high time you get them out of the shelves. You cannot continue selling prohibited products and expect that your account will be up and running. Also, keenly look and the items eBay sells and those that are of NO-sell.

If the suspension was on the basis of poor performance, you need to see why you have been lagging behind in your performance. Examine why you have had late deliveries and why you have not been actively for some period. If your products have been having defects and customers keep complaining of the same, it is high time you look at the way you handle your inventory.


Provide a plan for the course of action

Once you have noticed where your mistake can from, you will have a plan to rectify that. You will need to make eBay understand that you noted where the mistake can from and that you are sincerely willing to make changes. Below are some examples to have an action plan.

If your orders have been having complaints from the customers because they have defects, the problem is arising from the way you handle your commodities. Explain to eBay how you intend to rectify this maybe explain the process that you are going to use to handle items. For instance, if you were packaging all commodities together, you may explain that you will be separating fragile items from the rest.

If it’s a matter of not being able to get to your deliveries on time, tell eBay how you have staff specially designated for orders alone and how your orders will all get taken care of each day. And because eBay has a tier of shipping options, you’ll also want to mention how you’ll be triaging the orders to make sure expedited, or Prime orders get out on time.

If it is the issue of customers such as not responding to them in time, you may request eBay to assign you customer support personnel. You will have to part with some costs to cater for this. Otherwise, you may still come up with ways of ensuring that customers are attended on time, for instance, employing persons to deal with orders only. Explain all these details to eBay.

Lastly, if you are selling items that are of NO-sell on eBay, there is no alternative than removing them from your shelve. Notice that this is non-negotiable so check commodities that are prohibited on eBay to avoid the same mistakes. Check your suppliers again to find out if they are dealing with genuine materials. If not, change the suppliers and tell eBay that you have done this.


After the action plan, comes the most emotional moment the waiting period. Most eBay merchants worry about the waiting period because there no time limit and they don’t know the response from eBay. However, as I mentioned earlier, EBay Company is one of the best company when it comes to listening to its customers. If you have detailed the course of action and indicated that you would be different persons onwards, your hard work will not go unnoticed. Keep hoping for the best because you have done your part perfectly.

Sometimes businesses go out of hand, and it is difficult to a record of all activities that take place in your account. Some mistakes go unnoticed, and you only realize you made a mistake when you get a notification that your eBay account has been suspended.

Do not give up; we learn from mistakes and experience is the best teacher. Keep working hard and hoping for the best.


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