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Top 7 Reasons Why Ebay Suspends Sellers

eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces where you can list products for auctions and sale or bid for products posted by others.


eBay has been around for a long time and its reputation is one of the reasons why many online entrepreneurs use the platform. However, eBay users face the risk of getting suspended for various reasons. Since the last summer alone, about some 15,000 users had their eBay account suspended and some were banned from ever using the account. Videos about using stealth accounts have been posted as a way to register after getting banned but eBay monitors social media platforms so they are more aware of the trick methods people use. If you want to be a fair eBay user, it is important to know the common reasons that can earn you suspension. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Nonperformance
    Non-performing sellers who do not effectively describe items, misrepresent their listings of simply fail to deliver products after accepting payments will definitely get suspended for violating eBay policies. They may also consider criminal fraud charges.
  2. Not following the rules
    There are several major and minor rules and terms of use. While reading through the tiresome list is often exhausting, it is important never to oversight the importance of knowing these terms. Not playing by the rules will increase the risk of making mistakes that get your eBay account suspended.

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  1. Listing violations
    There are different listing guidelines that may get you eBay account banned if you fail to follow. Placing duplicate listings for instance (more than 10 identical listings) is forbidden as it affects the sales and bidding market for others. There are ways to go about placing the same listing although it does not involve using many identical listings differently.
  2. Negative feedback
    Like other markets, eBay is quite competitive and there are other entrepreneurs who would rather have your products and listings banned from the platform to increase their chances of selling. From such, you will get negative feedbacks and overzealous eBay workers may simply suspend your account for a number of days or permanently. Usually, eBay will need complaints from disgruntled buyers to push them into suspending the account
  3. Underage registration
    eBay does not allow any users below the age of 18 and will immediately close and ban you from the platform as soon as they realize you are below this age restriction. There is no question about it; it will happen in a matter of time.
  4. Failing to pay bidders
    Buyers and winning bidders must follow through with the transactions they are required to pay. If you fail to pay, eBay will send two warning letters and then permanently exit you from their platform if you fail to respond by paying.
  5. Restricted/prohibited items sale
    There are various restricted and prohibited products that general eBay users are not allowed to sell. If you are found selling such items, eBay will immediately shut down your account.

There are many other reasons that can get your eBay account suspended of banned forever. Issues of profanity (illicit language) or soliciting sales by using eBay contacts to circumvent fees and complete payment transaction outside eBay will warrant suspension.

Threats, shill bidding, fee avoidance, spamming keywords, retracting bids and stealing other users photos are all forbidden. It is generally advisable to go through all the guidelines and terms of use to know exactly what to avoid.


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