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Top 6 Reasons Why eBay Suspends Seller Accounts

For quite some time, I’ve been selling products on eBay, and I can confirm that there are significant benefits associated with it.


Nevertheless, some frustrating moments on eBay brings business to a standstill. Just like any other online selling platforms, one of the common challenges is issues related to account suspension. Well, the worst-case scenario happens when the account is banned altogether! But, what are some of the reasons as to why such accounts are often suspended or banned?

The above is a valid question as most sellers at eBay are going through the same case quite often. In this regard, the following are the top five reasons:

1. Extremely poor feedback score ratings

At eBay, sellers and buyers alike are allowed to rate each other, with the main parameters such as the way the transactions took place being used as determinants. In most cases, such scores are crucial to sellers; and low score or negative feedback means that item did not meet the customers’ expectations. Therefore, accounts with such results may be suspended or even banned altogether.

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2. Failure to settle seller fees on time

Typically, it is too obvious that eBay will suspend sellers’ account if seller fees are not made within the prescribed duration. Indeed, when signing up for an eBay seller account, you are made to understand that you are supposed to pay such fees before you start using the platform. Therefore, to avoid such suspensions, it is highly advisable to settle your payments on time.

3. Underage individuals

Just like any other online seller-buyer platform, eBay allows persons with18 years of age and above to sign up an account with them. If it turns out that you an underage person, then it is certain that the account will be banned forever!

4. Engaging in suspicious activities or trading illegal products

Fake and counterfeit goods are considered illegal according to the policies of eBay. If this is noted, the seller gets a warning and a suspension of up to three days. Besides that, suspicious acts would automatically lead to account suspension.

5. Issues of non-performance

A seller can be termed as a non-performer in a several ways. For instance, when a seller presents a product at the platform that fails to meet some requirements or the description of the item is improper, or even not delivering the product to the customer within the specified duration. When such cases are noted, the seller account can be suspended or even banned.

6. Additional reasons

Besides the above, there other several reasons as to why eBay suspends seller accounts and includes the following; involvement in many complaints, using inappropriate language in your communication with buyers during transactions, using product images belonging to other users, operating multiple accounts bearing the same email address, Scamming buyers, engaging in malicious acts to others, poor communication while on the site, and much more.

As I conclude, let me urge my fellow sellers that it is imperative to avoid the above mistakes as much as possible. There is no harm if follow terms and conditions as well as selling policies to the latter. Indeed, if you are proactive with selling activities, then you will stay longer in this incredible online selling platform.

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