Expert Advice - When Things Go Wrong With Your Online Business
  1. Chris says

    PayPal has some strict regulations in place, and not adhering to them can cause PayPal limited your account. This means that there will be some limits issued on the account, and any balance that exists will be held for a period of 180 days. Having said that, a large number of PayPal users have encountered the issue of a PayPal limited account placed on them as an unfair burden.
    The primary reasons that PayPal provides behind limiting an account are selling or purchasing of banned items, including drugs, fraudulent activities surrounding associated credit or debit cards, and receiving a large number of claims from buyers. There are other lesser known reasons such as owning a doubtful website, receiving complaints about the business, and the sudden inflow of a very large sum of money.
    There are always fine prints when it comes to these regulations. so if you feel your account has been limited unfairly, you could file an appeal to get it reinstated by visiting the ‘Resolution Center’ on the PayPal website, where they mention the steps you must take to remove the limits. The best way to handle the issue is to take steps towards prevention and stick to their guidelines the best you are able to

  2. Kregg Kittelson says

    PayPal block me permanently about six and a half years ago and I was using PayPal with eBay many many years and they just ruined me I wrote them a letter and they said nope you are not getting back on and it was just one complaint they have no mercy all they give me is grief I wish I could sue them for mental anguish and ruining my life financially

  3. jo says

    I think someone logged on to your internet network router and had a previous Banned account probaby used it for fraud that’s the only reason they don’t reply because they know its linked to a Banned fraud account someone Hacked your paypal maybe ebay who knows

  4. Danny99 says

    Today, I tried to log in but instead got the scary red banner informing me that my PayPal account is limited (suspended)! I sold a few computers each going for about $1,500 and, while the net sales come to about $7,500, I still think PayPal are not justified suspending my account.

  5. Nuzzo says

    Would it be a good idea to create my own account or buy an account?

    1. wenika says

      Never buy a PayPal account after you account got limited. It will get suspended again very fast.

  6. M. Galante says

    In addition to my PayPal account getting limited(frozen), PayPal also DESTROYED my Credit Score!

  7. Woody says

    Does anyone know if the Get Back On eBay guide really work? I am loosing money everyday because I can process any payments on my site at the moment…

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