Expert Advice - When Things Go Wrong With Your Online Business
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  1. Dan says

    Since my paypal was banned and apparently paypal didn’t like i was selling items from aliexpess. So it might have been one of my stealth accounts with a different name (which i will be digging up to see if i have any receipts, I do remember something ilke that but too much going on so can’t remember). But I’m positive I’m the one that purchased it and I just want my google stealth to be going right because I have adwords acccount that is not banned and DO NOT want to link it. And of course If this goes well, I certainly no online folks in same situation that I can vouch that it worked. But I will do my best to find receipt. But hopefully, you can find my name. I do have about 10 stealth ebay accounts (not for selling buy buying and i’ll have to individually go through each email which i used for.

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