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My Experience Using Appealing My Amazon Suspension

It’s a long story about how this happened, will try to explain it. I have been operating a seller account for years without any major issues, last September 2021 I thought I would open an individual seller account in my own name, not realizing that alone was a violation of multiple accounts. I was using all the same equipment for both accounts.

I was calling that business BYT TRADING the legal name for the business was my name with my social security number for 1099 purposes. They asked for address verification I sent my cable bill which I was told was an acceptable document which they always rejected without saying why. Maybe because the billing was in my name which was the legal name on my account but the name I was going to sell under was BYT TRADING maybe because that wasn’t on the bill only my name, not sure because they don’t tell you So they deactivated the account and I thought nothing of it. On Oct 24th 2021 my business account TN LIMITED was shut down because it was linked to the other deactivated account. I made several appeals and then on November 9th of 2021 they reactivated the PJS account. Great, no more problems, ran the account since then no problems. 

October 24th this year, the same date, by the way, shut it down again for the same reason. I thought since they reactivated it I didn’t need to worry about the other deactivated account, but WRONG. I have spoken with seller support many times, nice people but even they can not directly communicate with the necessary people. Unreal. I have done what they said still no results but I am also told this could take up to 30 days, I don’t have 30 days to wait and then find out I’m still shut down (to be honest, I should have contacted right away …).

To make matters even worse I used my friend’s computer to try and fix this and now his Amazon seller account is deactivated because it is now linked to my PJS account. I was told that if I can get the PJS account resolved that will in turn be able to get his account back up. Great. In order to get the PJS account reactivated, I have to first get

the TN LIMITED account fixed, which is where I am not having any luck, even though last year after they looked everything over they reactivated my PJS account. The one domino fell and took out the rest.

I believe I need to focus on the TN LIMITED account and try to fix that. My credit card on file is up to date along with my bank account info which was required, I believe the issue is twofold. trying to get the address verified and the issue with multiple accounts, I could be wrong maybe they are just upset about the two accounts, and it’s not verifying my address. I really don’t know because they don’t tell you directly.

At this point, I basically gave up, but a friend recommend to appeal my suspension. I contacted them, and they asked for the suspension email and any communication I had with Amazon. They provided me with an appeal letter and plan of action, it took around 10 days for my account to get reactivated. Even though it took more time than they told me to recover my account, I am still happy to be able to sell on Amazon again.



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