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eBay Account Suspended – How To Get Back Selling?

Are you one of those who just had the eBay account suspended? It made you worried sick, right? I have been in the same situation before, and I was under so much stress wondering why it even happened. I even resorted to antidepressant drugs because of that.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. There are a number of people who lost their eBay seller accounts for the past few years, and it’s not because they’re a bad seller. It just happens.

Though, most would try to create a new account whenever this happens. However, this isn’t really a solution at all, especially if your new account would get banned after a couple of days.

Fortunately, I came across a guide written by Bergamann. In his guide, he discussed how to set up a new account in an ethical and legal way to ensure that it wouldn’t get suspended. Never underestimate the guidelines of eBay. If you’re thinking that you can easily create a new account, and they wouldn’t be able to trace you, think again.

Here’s the thing, the Internet stores everything about you – whether you like it or not. It’s not rocket science to them.

However, Peter Bergmann discovered the sneaky methods eBay uses to suspend accounts. Basically, eBay uses your old account to trace the new one. The ‘Get eBay Unbanned’

The guide discusses everything you need to know about creating new eBay seller accounts that could help you avoid getting suspended once again.

Even if you’re not good with computers, rest assured that you’ll be able to follow everything discussed in the guide, as Bermann also offers support via email, and he replies right away.

Through the help of this guide, I was able to go back to selling on eBay, and I am very thankful to have my business back.

If your eBay account has been banned you should definitely give the  ‘Get eBay Unbanned‘ manual a try. I even opened a second eBay account as a backup to be 100% safe. 

  1. Dan says

    I’ll go ahead and do some digging. I was making ebay stealth accounts and might have used a a gift card and one of my ebay stealth email addresses. And since my PayPal was banned I had difficulty I getting back on PayPal, can anyone help me?

  2. Joshua says

    I have no option but to sue PayPal. In fact, I am currently looking for a good attorney to sue the s&%t out of PayPal. 1 month ago my business came to a screeching halt. I was surprised to realize that I was unable to accept payments or withraw money as my PayPal account has been already limited. Immediately, called their customer support and I was asked to drop them an email to appeal my account limitation, which I did. However, even after several attempts and emails contacting PayPal, I have not gotten any response.

  3. Stuart says

    My PayPal account has been frozen as well. It has hit us really hard because I have a wife and two kids whose survival solely depended on us having a working account. All this after I lost my job a year ago. All was well until PayPal limited my account which had all our funds in it. We are now stuck with thousands of goods we can not sell. We have been always very customer service friendly but still they limited my account and I am wondering how I can get back taking payments on my site.

  4. Anderson says

    I find it ridiculous when I think of what happened to my eBay account. eBay actually suspended me without giving me any reasons. My eBay buyer account was also shut down simply because I returned to defective products that they had sold to me. Immediately when they sent me a warning about my accounts closure, I sent them an email to inquire from them what I should do to ensure that my account is not closed. Although they admitted that it is actually okay for me to return defective products, they went ahead to close my eBay accounts and refused the appeal that I filed.

  5. Perrine says

    I used the Get eBay Unbanned guide to open a new eBay account without any issues. I am glad it worked. I really thought I already have lost everything.

  6. Rubio says

    Getting banned from selling on Amazon is already bad enough, but worse is how they treated me after. They just treated me like scum.

  7. Leonardooo says

    This really answered my problem, thank you!

  8. Benjamin says

    eBay is banning seller accounts all the time, as they only car really high volume sellers. In fact, it looks like they will not miss you once they decide to suspend your account.

    eBay CEO decided to suspend my account without taking time to conduct any investigations so that he finds out the truth behind the claims. This clearly shows that people who own billions of cash do not care about the poor man. As soon as they are done with you, they can dump you at any time.

    1. Bob Smith says

      I got suspended from eBay and I was high volume seller $80K per month. This action made 2 people unemployed along with me.

  9. miguel lopez says

    this really work?

    1. wenika says

      It worked for me 🙂

  10. Gabriel says

    Is this manual really help you to keep selling on eBay and Paypal?

    1. Steve C. says

      Yes, I back selling already 3 months with my new eBay account.

    2. Peggy says

      Actually the Get eBay Unbanned manual was a lot easier to follow than I thought.

  11. Daniel says

    This guy worked really well for me. You will also learn about using an iPhone, iPad or Android device with your eBay account. This can help you big time when trying to sell items on eBay without getting into any trouble over how well you can access your work.
    There’s even a section on how the prevent eBay from fingerprinting your computer. This prevents you from having to struggle with getting your data out there in time.
    This can work well for all kinds of credit cards and even some virtual accounts. It can also prevent future disputes from coming about. As a result, your overall reputation will improve.
    This program has been lauded by people who have gotten back on eBay. These include people who had been suspended by the site in the past. The assistance that this guide will provide to people will certainly work wonders when it comes to making their work easier to find and use as necessary.
    Be sure to consider this guide if you want to get back onto eBay. The Back on eBay guide will be your ideal solution for getting yourself to keep from struggling with the new rules that the site uses. This is especially great for those who have been suspended in the past and need help with getting back online.

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