7 thoughts on “PayPal Account Limited Solution?

  1. PayPal block me permanently about six and a half years ago and I was using PayPal with eBay many many years and they just ruined me I wrote them a letter and they said nope you are not getting back on and it was just one complaint they have no mercy all they give me is grief I wish I could sue them for mental anguish and ruining my life financially

  2. I think someone logged on to your internet network router and had a previous Banned account probaby used it for fraud that’s the only reason they don’t reply because they know its linked to a Banned fraud account someone Hacked your paypal maybe ebay who knows

  3. Today, I tried to log in but instead got the scary red banner informing me that my PayPal account is limited (suspended)! I sold a few computers each going for about $1,500 and, while the net sales come to about $7,500, I still think PayPal are not justified suspending my account.

  4. Does anyone know if the Get Back On eBay guide really work? I am loosing money everyday because I can process any payments on my site at the moment…

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